Hi, I'm Jules. I'm a freelance designer based in Toronto and Minneapolis.

I've always known I wanted to be a graphic designer. I applied to one university - my dream school - the Ontario College of Art & Design, and was accepted. I studied graphic design there for 5 years, and then immediately threw myself into my own freelance design business.

My freelance studio is called "Letters by Jules" because letters, or typography, are a crucial ingredient to graphic design, and knowing how to properly manipulate and use type as a designer is incredibly important (and often overlooked). I have a passion for letters - typography, custom lettering, and calligraphy - and I know how to use them. I also have a great eye for colour, rhythm, and balance in design and a constant drive to excel and improve my skills. I love to work with my clients collaboratively to produce unique and beautiful work for every project.

I'm currently available for freelance work - check out my contact page to work with me.